Strategic Plan

The Gilmanton School will lead its community partners in continuously creating an environment that promotes excellence in education and supports every member in reaching full potential and achieving success. (Mission Statement 2002)

Gilmanton Community Members,

In 1999, the Gilmanton School Community embarked on a journey as part of Governor Jeanne Shaheen's Best School Initiative. This Community Engagement Team (CET) embraced a mission of “involving the community in the life of the school and the school in the life of the community.” The CET facilitated a series of “Community Conversations” and a public forum, which highlighted the need for a plan to provide focus on achieving educational excellence. This led to the formation of a Strategic Planning Committee with representation from a cross-section of the Gilmanton community. The Committee spent four years reviewing the history of the Gilmanton School District and envisioning the educational future of our students and community. The result is the following Strategic Plan. It was the hope of the Committee that it would be specific enough to implement immediate change and broad enough to sustain revision for future needs identified by the Gilmanton community. The Strategic Plan presents the values of our school community and plans for five educational components.

The Gilmanton School Community values:
… students who are respectful, creative, independent, spirited, actively engaged in learning, responsible and accountable for their behavior and who strive to maximize their full potential.

… an educational program in our school which fosters excitement and curiosity in students, provides students with skills for critical thinking and independent learning and encourages involvement in their community.

…leadership in our school which promotes respect, creativity, accountability, commitment, collaboration and risk-taking in solving problems, a positive attitude, high expectations, mastery and self- confidence and an atmosphere of caring and safety for all partners in education.

… a community which perceives the need for a full partnership and shared responsibility for education. We believe every person is special, unique and capable of learning. Each person is entitled to receive an excellent education and to be treated with honesty, kindness, dignity and respect. Supporting the following educational components will foster development of these values.

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