SP - School Enviro


School Environment

The Gilmanton School District will provide a safe, healthy and adequate physical plant to promote and maintain a sound educational environment.

Current Status:

The Gilmanton School completed a renovation and addition project in 1997. Repairs in the 1996 and 1978 wings have been ongoing and completed as needed. The building has been evaluated, and a process for completing routine maintenance has been put in place. Staff wellness is an area where needs should be identified and goals should be set.


  • Continue to implement a maintenance plan with all needs and routines identified.

  • Complete a projection of space needs and building implications.

  • Provide on-site fitness opportunities for staff to promote wellness.

  • Complete an emergency response plan.

  • Ensure student/teacher ratios are within optimum recommendations.

  • Support all staff in working effectively.

  • Continue the building and grounds committee to oversee facility needs.


  • Complete population projections.

  • Complete an inventory of all equipment

  • Identify critical maintenance/upgrade needs

  • Identify critical health and safety issues

  • Determine wellness and collegiality needs of the staff and student population

Long Term Goals:

  • Adjust building capabilities as dictated by population and program needs.

  • Maintain the facility to function as designed and promote pride in appearance.

  • Maintain and support a productive school environment.

  • Support and encourage community participation in the building by providing enrichment opportunities for all.