High School Transition

The Gilmanton School Community will facilitate a successful transition for all students entering high school. Implementation of such a transition will involve increased communication and interaction among all stakeholders by fostering confidence, readiness and independence in all eighth grade students.

Current Status:

Transition activities are planned each year by the staff of both Gilmanton and Gilford Schools. A written plan needs to be developed outlining a schedule of events. Curriculum coordination is in process, but clear determination of needs in this area has not been defined. Administrative representation is present for the purpose of facilitating meetings for the special education students, which has fostered more communication regarding our students' needs.


a) Foster greater confidence and independence in the students, allowing them to make a successful transition.
b) Create regular, rotating meetings between the staff and administration of the Gilmanton School and Gilford Middle-High School.
c) Create a template of transitional activities for students and families from both towns to occur before, during and after the transition into the high school.
d) Create a system of tracking the progress of Gilmanton students during their high school experience.
e) Encourage the development of a student/teacher advisory system at the high school.


  • Provide equipment and training to allow increased communication by utilizing the school's technology.
  • Hold public forums every two years with smaller forums as needed during the year.
  • Develop a resource list of community members for school use.
  • Provide families with training and resources to participate in their child's education.
  • Assist in the expansion of the PTA member participation.

Long Term Goals:

  • Support a volunteer coordinator position.
  • Create a mentoring program with senior citizens and students.
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