District Goals

  1. To continue to work collaboratively with the Gilford Board to improve communication between districts.
  2. To support a comprehensive and challenging academic program at all levels.
  3. To continue to update School Board policies as needed.
  4. To successfully negotiate a high school contract that satisfies the values and goals of the Gilmanton School community.
  5. To continue with the short and long-term plans for the facility maintenance and future space needs and to work with the town and the planning board to update the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  6. To maintain high academic achievement and standards that can be reflected through standardized testing and student achievement.
  7. To continue to work toward meaningful and effective communication with the community with regard to educational and budgetary development and initiatives through the integration of new online management systems.
  8. To continue developing a positive and safe culture and working environment for staff and students.
  9. To set the framework to create a strategic plan.


Goal 1: To Improve Student Achievement

Areas of Focus:

  • Actively engage students in their learning.
  • Give all students the support to realize at least a full year of academic growth.
  • Continue to grow the instructional leadership skills of our new administrators, and teachers towards further growth in the school functioning as a Professional Learning Community.
  • Monitor the progress of the parent portal.
  • Meet or exceed state average on statewide assessments for all students.
  • To continue to communicate with the Gilford administration to ensure that optimum educational opportunities are achieved.
  • To continue our work on the High School Options with the hope of completion by the end of the school year

Goal 2: To Foster Positive Relationships and a Collaborative Working Environment with all Employees

Areas of Focus:

  • Maintain effective communication and solicit regular feedback from employee groups.
  • Work within economic realities and the financial forecast to attract and retain quality employees.
  • Successful negotiations to create a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.
  • To have a successful transition between the present superintendent and Business Administrator and their respective replacements.

Goal 3: To Effectively Manage District Operations

Areas of Focus:

  • Continue to populate and implement a long-range facilities maintenance program based on feedback we receive from the envelope audit.
  • To continue to improve safety record and risk management procedures using recommendations from the Homeland security audit.
  • Successful transition of the main office into the new office once construction is completed.
  • Successful transition of the SAU into the new facility once construction is completed.

Goal 4: To Ensure Fiscal Transparency and Stability

Areas of Focus:

  • Engage all stakeholders to determine the level of commitment to District budget.
  • To manage the District resources effectively and develop a new budget that maintains sound fiscal stewardship of community resources. To have the Superintendent, Business Administrator and School Administration work collaboratively in an effort to effectively support student learning and to communicate the status of the budget to the Board and community.
  • Provide department heads with updated reports on the status of their respective budgets. Reports will be provided at least once every two months.

Goal 5: To Build upon the Confidence and Support of the Community

Areas of Focus:

  • Focus on highlighting the positive accomplishments of students and staff.
  • Communicate effectively to and actively engage all stakeholders about programs and offerings.
  • Further develop community and business partnerships to enhance curriculum and opportunities.
  • To continue to facilitate external communication and collaboration by building and expanding relationships with local government, businesses, residents and other community agencies.


  1. Gilmanton School administration and staff will develop a system that measures all student growth and learning to guide instruction and professional development through our Professional Learning Community.

a. A grade-level team will examine assessment tools currently used at Gilmanton School, and seek additional tools as needed for a meaningful understanding of student skills and mastery of content.

i. The Principal will meet with k-2, and 6-8

ii. The Assistant Principal will meet with grades 3-5

To create a list of currently used tools and when they are administered

iii. The Principal and the Assistant Principal will facilitate and define what specifically should be measured

iv. The teams will research and consult other schools to determine the best tools for Gilmanton School

v. The teams will meet regularly to analyze data and determine the most useful way to organize the results.

b. The administration will build capacity for teachers and teams including the Student Intervention Team (SIT). We will do this by clarifying the process for support and referrals

i. The SIT will work together to refine the process to increase use for teachers as a classroom resource to better support students with varying needs.

c. The administration, the technology teacher, and the library media specialist will assess current integration in classrooms, kindergarten through eighth grade, and design a plan that increases the frequency and depth of technology used to enhance student learning.

i. A poll will be sent to staff to get information about the current level and frequency of technology use in classrooms.

ii. A written document will be created to outline the information and create a plan for increased integration.

d. The technology teacher and the library media specialist will increase opportunities for students to enrich their STEAM thinking skills through technology class and makerspace.

  1. Gilmanton School will use multiple resources to assist us with all variety of students and families to ensure students are ready for learning through social-emotional learning strategies.

a. The administration and professional staff will further analyze how we may incorporate the model of Ross Greene's behavioral approach with our students. We will use the book Lost at School and the website Lives in the Balance, to create a system of managing student behaviors in a collaborative way. This collaboration will happen with staff, students and families.

b. The staff will take the next steps with The Center for Trauma Responsive Practice Change.

c. The administration will facilitate the professional staff in a process for identifying school wide goals and expectations for student outcomes at each grade level - ie specific language, procedures, etc.

  1. The Gilmanton School will work to keep students physically and emotionally safe at school, which includes an overall sense of belonging.

a. A team comprised of student council members, faculty, and administration will meet to create a community of caring and unity in our identity as a whole school

b. The administration will train new staff in the ALICE method of security drills and with the whole staff practice all manner of ALICE drills using an updated model from 2018.

c. Gilmanton School administration and the superintendent will work with area agencies in multiple scenarios as referenced in the Emergency Operation Plan.

d. Host a tabletop scenario run through for planning purposes with Police, Fire and Homeland Security

  1. The Gilmanton School administration will foster effective communication with Gilford School District to support students who transition to the high school as well as support all other learners who attend Gilford High School. Communication and collaboration with Gilford Schools, Students and Families - current collaboration, administration, and curriculum departments will continue. In addition, teachers and administration will explore opportunities for students to meet and get to know one another before high school
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