The Gilmanton School Community will develop quality curriculum, including benchmarks and assessment, which meets the needs of all educators and learners.

Current status:

Currently, four of the five core subject curriculums have been revised and aligned with the state frameworks. Math curriculum revision is to be completed shortly. A consistent curriculum format has been utilized, and a process for revision is in place. Curriculum work is still needed for art, physical education, music, foreign language, guidance and computer education.

New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) includes Reading and Math Tests administered to Grades 3 though 8; Science is administered to Grades 4 and 8; and Writing is administered to Grades 5 and 8. A data leadership committee has been formed and is responsible for implementing a data gathering system entitled “Performance Pathways”. This will allow practice to be tied to achievement and should steer professional development and curriculum revision. The Professional Development Committee shares this responsibility as highlighted in the District's five-year plan for professional development.


  • support and identify a curriculum process, with mechanisms to assess student achievement and curriculum effectiveness.
  • Create a central oversight committee for curriculum development.
  • Create a Curriculum Coordinator position for the District.


  • Align all curriculums with state frameworks.
  • Support a consistent format and review cycle for all curriculum.
  • Identify a system of benchmarks/assessment to be utilized.
  • Identify budgetary components related to curriculum.
  • Include tools and resources for differential learning in all curriculums.
  • Provide training to support instruction and implementation of curriculums.
  • Coordinate curriculum with Gilford Middle-High School, where appropriate, to ensure learners equal opportunity.
  • Assess current programming to be sure all learners' needs are being met.
  • Encourage student participation in co-curricular activities by providing varied co-curricular opportunities.
  • Expand the current career education/experiences in the school.

Long Term Goals:

  • Align district process with federal initiative, “No Child Left Behind”.
  • Reach and maintain high standards of achievement for all learners.
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