Gilmanton School District 2018-19 Goals

Board Goals

  1. To continue to work collaboratively with the Gilford Board to maintain and increase communication between districts.

  1. To support a comprehensive and challenging academic program at all levels.

  1. To continue to update School Board policies as needed.

  1. To continue to support the High School Options Committee until they reach a recommendation.

  1. To continue with the short and long term plans for the facility maintenance and future space needs and to work with the town and the planning board to update the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

  1. To maintain high academic achievement and standards that can be reflected through standardized testing and student achievement.

  1. To continue to work toward meaningful and effective communication with the community with regard to educational and budgetary development and initiatives through the integration of new technology.

  1. To continue developing a positive and safe culture and working environment for teachers, staff, and students.

  2. To set the framework to create a strategic plan.

District Goals

     Goal 1: To Improve Student Achievement


            a. Actively engage students in their learning.

            b. Give all students the support to realize at least a full year of academic growth

            c. Build students' ability to think deeply and critically, to problem solve, and create independently.

                Areas of Focus:

            a. Continue implementation of the Response to Instruction & Intervention framework at all levels.

            b. Continue to integrate technology within the curriculum, to explore a 1:1 computing model at the middle school.

            c. Monitor and grow technology infrastructure to support increased use of resources throughout the District.

            d. Continue to grow the instructional leadership skills of our new administrators, and teachers towards further growth in the school functioning as a Professional Learning                        Community.

            e. Monitor the progress of the new Report Card.

            f. Meet or exceed state average on statewide assessments for all students.

            g. To continue to communicate with the Gilford administration to ensure that optimum educational opportunities are achieved.

            h. To work closely with the High School Options Committee to explore potential options for the Gilmanton High School students.

     Goal 2: To Foster Positive Relationships and a Collaborative Working Environment with all Employees

                Areas of Focus:

            a. Maintain effective communication and solicit regular feedback from employee groups.

            b. Work within economic realities and the financial forecast to attract and retain quality employees.

     Goal 3:  To Effectively Manage District Operations

                Areas of Focus: 

            a. Continue to populate and implement a long-range facilities maintenance program based on feedback we receive from the envelope audit.

            b. Improve safety record and risk management procedures using recommendations from the Homeland security audit.

            c. Continue to prioritize safety and security of students and staff in partnership with local law enforcement.

     Goal 4:  To Ensure Fiscal Transparency and Stability

                Areas of Focus:

            a. Engage all stakeholders to determine the level of commitment to District budget.

            b. To manage the District resources effectively and develop a new budget that maintains sound fiscal stewardship of community resources. To have the Superintendent,                         Business Administrator, and School Administration work collaboratively in an effort to effectively support student learning and to communicate the status of the budget to                     the board and community.

     Goal 5:  To Build upon the confidence and Support of the Community

                Areas of Focus:

            a. Focus on highlighting the positive accomplishments of students and staff.

            b. Communicate effectively to and actively engage all stakeholders about programs and offerings.


            c. Further develop community and business partnerships to enhance curriculum and opportunities.

            d. To continue to facilitate external communication and collaboration by building and expanding relationships with local government, businesses, residents, and other                             community agencies.


School Goals

  1. Continue to develop Professional Learning Communities

  1. Assess current status- Administration will asses current status of the PLC process at Gilmanton School. This will be done through team meetings and formal tools provided by Learning by doing, A Handbook for Professional Learning Communities as Work by Dufour, Dufour, Eaker and many.

  1. Professional development for staff to be determined by self-assessment. Professional development to include conferences, in-services, literature review for all staff as needed.

  1. Optimizing meeting time by articulating and maintaining focus on team and school goals.

  1. Curriculum alignment - Department committee work focused on curriculum to align guaranteed and viable curriculum vertically and horizontally. Documents will be generated and updated as needed,

  1. Common assesments - using the new report card format, adopted 2017-2018, teachers will create common assessments to communicate about student learning. This process will be on going throughout the school year to include common assessments, and rubrics.

  1. Analyzing results of assessment, adjusting instruction as needed - Team meeting time will provide the opportunity to discuss strategies to ensure mastery of guaranteed and viable curriculum.

  1. Implement whole Child Strategies for a Trauma-Informed System

  1. Student Intervention Team - will continue working with teachers, students and families to create the best learning environments for struggling students.

  1. Work with consultant - School administration will seek help from state agencies, and private consultants to provide information and professional development to staff.

  1. Professional Development - as recommended or provided by chosen consulting agency.

  1. family engagement - once identified, we will share strategies with families through a variety of opportunities.

  1. Continue to grow communication and collaboration with Gilford Schools, Students, and Families

  1. Current collaboration with administration and curriculum departments will continue. In addition, teachers and administration will explore opportunities for students to meet and get to know one another before high school. In combination with the technology committee to explore alternative ways to communicate and partner with families and community members.

  1. To continue safety and Security planning - Administration will work with the safety committee, outside agencies (Police and Fire) and federal recommendations from February 2018 to plan and practice safety procedures.

  1. Continue and expand technology integration - The technology committee, administration, technology director, and computer teacher will discuss and explore opportunities for increased technology integration to deepen student learning through technology integration.

Adopted: October 9, 2018